Six weeks. Six Sessions. $499.

Begins Saturday, March 3rd.

We’ll work on the essentials.

Drafting and Editing

Every draft has a purpose, a specific function in your creative process. Understanding how to draft will boost your confidence and help to get your best material onto the page.


Audiences love to be played with, but only when they trust the storyteller. We’ll examine some of the most effective and timeless devices for tantalizing the reader and keeping them under your thumb.

Scene Writing

A good scene grounds the reader in a series of felt moments. We’ll define what a scene really is and develop techniques for writing killer ones.

Devices for Advancing the Story

I’ll share what I’ve learned from ten years working with top editors at Scribner, The New York Times and The Atlantic, as well as playwrights, novelists, and Hollywood producers and screenwriters.

Inspired Writing

Material that moves the writer so moves the reader. It’s easier than you think to follow inspiration straight down the rabbit hole, and more often than not, you and your readers will love where you end up.


Perhaps the last thing any writer should think about during the early drafts is publishing. Still, at some point, most writers seek to publish their work because it’s fun to connect with audiences from the page. So, at the end of our six-week session, I will offer a publishing forum to answer the question we all deal with: How do I get published? You’ll enjoy FREE access to this forum as thanks for joining me in the workshop.

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The format of the class put me at ease. David is a thoughtful, supportive, and insightful instructor. The other attendees were committed to the process and were kind and supportive as well. I learned there is more to a writer’s workshop than just writing and I am definitely glad I took the plunge. I look forward to the classes and the format is motivating me to find time to write again!
— Leslie, IL

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David Finch is a Writer Whisperer. He has a genius about him that he listens to your words, concept and ideas and feeds them back to you as if he intuitively and exactly knows what you are trying to write. His feedback feels welcomed, and understood. Even if you feel your writing submission feels weak, he will lean in and show you how to improve it, kindly and honestly. All of this with wit and hysterical banter. Sign up immediately!
— Dawn, FL

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Available by invitation, workshopping with me is a great opportunity to develop your ideas and material with:

A New York Times best-selling author
An Essential Reads contributor to Psychology Today
A celebrated contributor to the New York Times, Slate, Huffington Post, NBC, and other publications
A Second City trained sketch comedy writer
A master workshopper
An alumnus of Nancy Beckett’s Lakeside Writing Studio (Chicago)
Fellow writers and editors who bring a range of interests and talents

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